What does an HR specialist pay attention to when hiring foreign workers?

Every company recognizes that its employees are its most valuable asset. Companies that invest in their teams ultimately emerge as winners. After all, the better the team selection, the smoother the workflow and the quicker the achievement of results. For quite some time now, the pursuit of top talent has extended beyond national borders, which means that anyone willing to join a foreign team and contribute to the successful growth of a company has the opportunity to secure a job there.

Foreign employees, in addition to their intellectual value and accumulated experience, bring a fresh perspective to the execution of work tasks. However, this poses additional challenges for employers, including legal employment considerations. When hiring a foreign employee, an HR specialist meticulously examines the chronological resume, verifies all necessary documents, and assesses the crucial skills and competencies required for successful performance in a foreign company.

  1. The first aspect that catches a recruiter’s attention is the work permit and visa, which must have an appropriate validity period based on the contract duration. If needed, the recruiter may also request translations of documents into the official language of the company.

  2. Subsequently, the specialist confirms whether the employee’s qualifications align with the vacancy requirements and, if necessary, contacts educational institutions to authenticate the documents. All skills, education, and experience mentioned in the resume should be accurate and relevant to the position. Translations of diplomas, certificates, and other documents into the official language of the company might also be required.

  3. Another significant step involves evaluating the candidate’s proficiency in the company’s official language, depending on the position offered. If conversational language skills are sufficient, the recruiter can assess the candidate’s level during the conversation. However, for positions requiring more in-depth language knowledge, written skills may be evaluated, and standard tests can be conducted to determine the candidate’s proficiency level for effective work.

  4. Besides professional skills, the ability to adapt to a new cultural environment is crucial for working in a foreign company. If the candidate has prior experience in foreign companies, the recruiter may inquire about the adaptability process, the challenges faced, and the overall success of the adjustment. This skill holds significant importance in the decision-making process, as the complexity of adaptation can impact not only the employee but the entire team.

  5. The HR specialist also pays attention to the candidate’s communication skills since individuals with an open mindset find it easier to integrate into a new team. An employee who feels comfortable contributes more to the company compared to someone experiencing psychological discomfort. Thus, the ability to communicate freely with colleagues from diverse cultures is as crucial as being proficient in one’s field.

If you are joining a foreign company, remember that your experience is unique and advantageous. However, don’t forget to ensure that all official documents are in order to enhance your chances of securing the job. Get support from the CVforU builder, where you can find detailed descriptions of job responsibilities for various positions, ensuring that your skills align with the vacancy requirements. Embrace new challenges with confidence!

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