Cover letter tips for foreign workers 

Cover letter tips for foreign workers 

Cover letter tips for foreign workers 

In recent years, the world has rapidly erased or simplified travel boundaries, and the experience of remote work has opened up a unique opportunity to secure a position in a foreign company from anywhere in the world, without leaving your own country. Whether you are open to the world and want to test your skills or are seeking employment in another country due to a change in residence, our tips will undoubtedly help you. We will guide you on how to craft an impeccable cover letter that will bring you closer to your desired job.


If a job posting is available in multiple languages, choose the one you are most proficient in and compose your cover letter in that language. If you are unsure about your language skills, it’s better to seek the assistance of a translator because even though perfect language proficiency may not be a mandatory requirement, you shouldn’t risk making a negative first impression on a potential employer.

Experience and achievements

Provide as much detail as possible about the knowledge and experience that are most relevant to the position. Highlight where and how you have demonstrated your skills in previous roles. The more significant and substantial your achievements, the better, but don’t underestimate the value of smaller victories.

Company research

Make sure to learn as much as possible about the company offering the vacancy. Research its values, how the company has evolved, and what sets it apart from competitors. By doing so, you will not only assess whether you will be comfortable joining the team but also demonstrate your interest in working specifically for that company in your cover letter.

Foreign work environment

Explain how easily you can adapt to working in a foreign company. Your internal state will influence the outcome of your work, so if you anticipate any challenges, explain how you plan to overcome them. When listing your strengths, provide examples to showcase your personality rather than simply stating what employers want to hear with generic phrases that appear cliché.

Grammar and spelling

Once your letter is ready, carefully review the grammar, or better yet, have it checked by someone else. Nobody wants to discover a glaring spelling mistake in an otherwise brilliant and meaningful text.

Say thank you in your cover letter

It wouldn’t hurt to express gratitude at the end of the letter for the time spent reviewing your application. This leaves a positive impression and shows that you value others’ time, including your own.


When your cover letter is complete and you have no doubts that it accurately portrays you and showcases your best qualities for the specific position, don’t forget to review your resume. If it is a general resume, ensure it aligns with the specific job and country you are applying for. And most importantly, wherever you are searching for work, demonstrate genuine interest.

Show how strongly you desire the position specifically with that company because a slight lack of knowledge and experience can be compensated for, but a lack of interest and loyalty is much harder to overcome. If you encounter difficulties or have doubts about the correctness of your resume, it is best to seek professional help. CVforU.EU can assist you at any stage of creating an impactful resume.